Hi everybody! Welcome!

I'm Katie Pumphrey. Nice to meet you!

I started this site 2 years before embarking on the biggest and most terrifying swim of my life: the English Channel. I shared my training, my thoughts, photos, and news along the way.

On August 7th, 2015 I completed a solo crossing of the English Channel. I left Shakespere Beach in England at 3:14 am, and after 14 hours 19 minutes of swimming aross the busiest shipping channel in the world, I landed in France. At 5:33pm I climbed on to the shores of Wissant Beach. It was the most powerful and terrifying body of water I've ever swam in. It was the hardest and most incredible experience of my life. 

This site tracked the process, my training, big swims, races, fundraising, and the adventure! 

Thank you for your interest and support. It's been an incredible ride!